Pre & post natal training


20140527_134452257_iOSWelcome. By visiting this blog I am guessing you have made a decision on being active and healthy during and after your pregnancy. Congratulations on that decision.

Being active throughout your pregnancy is very important . If you exercise during the pregnancy you prepare your body for birth and it could actually make the labour and birth a bit easier. It can prevent backpain, incontinence, prolapse and much more. My advice to you is to contact a professional trainer/ coach that is specialized in pre & post natal training.

When you exercise during pregnancy and after it is vital that you do it correctly. The exercises on this page are safe and effective for the mama body. But remember, pre & post natal training is not about getting results and improving your normal training. It is about keeping the muscel mass that you have, prepare your body for delivery and the baby and to prevent pain. Don’t compare your current body with the one you used to have. Be nice to yourself . Take walks. Breathe.

I teach classes that are designed just for mums to give you a save but effective workout. We do strengthening body weight exercises as well as work with resistance bands, weights and balls and you can adjust the exercises after your own capacity. You can also choose to book 1-on-1 classes with me at your house.

Pre natal training: You can and should continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy.
My pre natal classes are designed just for pregnant women.
We focus a lot on the core and pelvic muscles and the backside of the body to give you the strength to carry that big tummy and also your child after it is born.

Post natal training: You can start with this when your baby is about 2 months, and you have gotten clearance from your doctor. You can of course also come if you are not a new mum but you feel you need the help from a mummy trainer. eg if you have a problem with a separation, diastasis recti.

The Strong Mummy Tummy class is focusing on getting rid of the mummy tummy by building a strong core. You will never get rid of that last bit of tummy if you don’t have a strong inner core.









The Strong mama outdoor class is a full body workout class with both cardio and strength exercises. Before taking this class I strongly recommend that you have full control over your core and pelvic floor.





So is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Yes it is! And you should exercise! As long as you are healthy and have a normal pregnancy. If you are unsure, ask you doctor.

Why should you exercise?
You might actually make the labour and delivery easier and quicker by training.
You will bounce back faster and easier afterwards if you exercise throughout your pregnancy. So keep moving!
Help you maintain/ create a good posture.
It helps you stay more ”pain- free”.
It will help prevent Diastasis Recti- abdominal separation.

Don´t compare yourself to other mums!

We are all different and have different issues. Do exercises that fell good and don´t hurt or feel to uncomfortable.


Don´t compete with your former self!

You are pregnant and you will feel different! Don´t try to improve your fitness level during the pregnancy! The point of training now is to prepare your body for the big tummy and the baby. To have a strong core and back to be able to carry the tummy and the baby.

It is never to late to start exercising!
Even if you haven´t exercised before you can still start when you are pregnant. Just take it easy and start slowly.

It´s important to have a strong core and a strong pelvic floor.
You can work these muscles during the whole pregnancy.
No crunches though as they put to much pressure on the stomach and can cause and increase pelvic floor issues and prolapse.
You want to work on the inner core and the muscles in the pelvic floor. This will prevent back pains, incontinence, minimize abdominal separation ( diastasic recti) and more.

What goal should I have with my training now?
Your goal should be to be in good shape for the delivery. But listn to your body! Some days you might not be able to work out, then take a short walk or do only a 5 minute work out. And some days you might feel great. Be shore not to push yourself to much but try do do something.