Welcome to Epic Wellness 

Epic Wellness was created by me, Elisabet Nilsson to inspire, guide and help you live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to add a new habit, learn how to eat healthier, set new goals, loose or gain weight. You will get great advice on nutrition, exercise and well being and hopefully some inspiration to live an active, healthy  and sustainable lifestyle.

I Will also share My Mallorca with you. Our pretty active day to day Life, restaurants, caféer, beaches, shops, nature, citylife- mostly with a healthy twist.

I am a professional Nutrition & Health coach and a group fitness instructor specialized in functional training and core strength. I am also a pre & post natal instructor and yoga instructor . I do both group classes and one- on- one training. I also offer personal health coaching as well as on Skype.

My passion for an active lifestyle is something I have always had. I have been exercising all my life and my biggest passion as a child was horses. I spent all my free time at the stable. I started going to the gym in my early teens and I have loved it ever since, both group classes and lifting weights. I love the atmosphere in the gym and the dynamic in the group classes. Something awesome happens when you put a bunch of people in a room with great music and an inspiring instructor – I love it. And that´s the feeling I want my clients to have. I want them to leave my class with a feeling of accomplishment and greatness.

So Welcome to Epic Wellness . I hope you will enjoy it.








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