Even 10 minutes count


Do you feel like you have to workout for an hour or it´s not worth it? Think again! Not many women have a whole hour to dedicate 3-4 times a week on their workout. You might have a full time job, a house, kids, they have activities … you know what I mean. Maybe some days you only have 10-15 minutes or 5 minutes even. That´s ok. Do something during that time rather than nothing at all. Grab a skipping rope,  a rubber band, use the kids swings, jump up and down, run up the stairs- everything counts! Why not involve the kids? Take them outside and play a game together that involves moving around. Or exercise together, kids love to be included.

Are you sitting around waiting for your kids to finish their activity? Do 3×10 pushups agains the car, do a plank, do 3X10 squats and do this as many times as you can. I promise you, it does´t take many minutes and you have a great workout instead of just sitting there.

The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!



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