5 things I do every day to

There are 5 things I do every day that are essential to my health and wellbeing; 1 Drink lots of water. Pimp it with lemon, cucumber, basil, mint or drink it as it is 2 Eat fruit and veggies. Eat vegetables with every meal, and fruit with or in-between meals.You should eat at least 500 … Fortsätt läsa 5 things I do every day to


Sunday breakfast full of colour and nutrients 

We had a late start today. Love those slow sunday mornings with breakfast on the balcony ☀️🙏🏻  I made a Green smoothie with almond milk, fresh orange juice, lemonwater, spinach, nettlepowder, acaipowder, banana, watermelon and avocado 🍉🍌🍊🍋 lots of nutrients and super good 🍉🍌🍊🍋 My daughter loves pancakes, of course 😜 so she helped me … Fortsätt läsa Sunday breakfast full of colour and nutrients 

Sunday mode

A sunday off with the family and a nice relaxed day ☀️😎 started the morning on the balcony with a late breakfast waiting for our daughter to come home after having Spent the night at a friends house. She is only 6,5 and have only just started to become a little bit more independent. Scary … Fortsätt läsa Sunday mode